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December 8, 2010 at 8:05pm


Download iPhone Contacts to Linux

Motivation: My Macbook Pro from 2006/2007 quit working and I needed to get all the contacts off my iPhone and onto my new HTC G2. You can’t just plug the phone into a windows machine and use iTunes to do a backup because the phone was formatted for OSX. Ubuntu One can sync the contacts but that costs money, as do most of the other contact synchronization apps in the iPhone market.



Install the required libraries

sudo apt-get install git python-imobiledevice python-plist

Download the python-idevicesync script

git clone http://cgit.sukimashita.com/python-idevicesync.git/
cd python-idevicesync

Connect your phone via USB: Ubuntu should auto-mount the device

Download the contacts to a vCard file

./iphonesync.py -o Data.vCard com.apple.Contacts

Data.vCard now contains all the contacts from your phone. You can then upload that file to Google Contacts and edit it to your liking. Now that I have my full address book on Google Contacts I can just use that to synchronize to my new phone.


Exactly what I wanted. More information about interfacing iDevices to Linux can be found here: http://www.libimobiledevice.org

Interestingly enough, after the fact I realized that my friend’s brother runs the site… small world.